Quality of Practice

Photograph of the Roof of Old Santa Ana City Hall

Support for the Firm and for You 

No attorney can do all things for all clients. Throughout his career, Mr. Kotkin has supervised and coordinated the work of other attorneys.  He is ready to address all of your legal needs as a counselor with an approach that defies popular legal culture.  In matters beyond his expertise, he will help you select and engage other small or mid-size law firms that will exceed your expectations and save you money. All legal services will be provided by Mr. Kotkin personally, or by top lawyers in their respective disciplines under his supervision. His personal integrity, legal talent, and network of specialists are the comprehensive and affordable solution to your problems.

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Unique Approach, Value 

The model for Mr. Kotkin’s legal practice is as unique as his background.  You will not find many, if any, sole practitioners who can provide similar professional services.  Mr. Kotkin has developed an uncommon and broad base of knowledge.  His background as a public servant has instilled a fierce dedication in him – he passionately advances the health, safety, welfare and dignity of his clients.  While legal services are never inexpensive, low overhead allows Mr. Kotkin’s firm to serve you at competitive hourly rates. Mr. Kotkin’s re-establishment of his own practice, after five (5) years in a larger firm, helps him keep your practical and financial needs paramount at all times.

Your Attorney, Regardless of the Matter’s Scope 

Mr. Kotkin solves problems with broad expertise and refined judgment.  When you have legal decisions that you must make, Mr. Kotkin helps you avoid inevitable distractions, put challenges in context, and make practical choices that you will not regret.  While no competent or ethical attorney ever guarantees an outcome,  Mr. Kotkin often attains positive results, whether  enhancing an entire community, or fighting for individuals or companies that place their trust in him. As the top legal official for a city of more than seventy five thousand (75,000) people for eight and a half  (8½) years, Mr. Kotkin personally handled and managed a wide range of complex and unusual matters.  He dealt with a full array of issues and challenges every day.  Your case is not too big if it involves a large shopping center, or a residential development project including thousands of dwelling units. Your matter is not to small despite the fact that it involves a subtle zoning issue that effects nobody but you and your neighbors.