Why this Firm?

Photograph of Old City Hall, Santa Ana

When you’re looking for a lawyer, the stakes couldn’t be higher and your choice couldn’t matter more. Whether you are an individual or a large organization, if you are looking at this web-page, it’s likely because you

  • are staring down a problem,
  • are seizing an opportunity,
  • want to avoid difficulties that may have a profound impact,
  • need help making the best “deal” possible, and/or
  • want to enhance, ensure or protect success.

It may also be the case that someone for whom you care is in one of these situations.  The factors our clients consider when choosing our office as their representative, advocate or counselor include:

  • Background (see the separate page and sub-pages)
  • Character,
  • Quality of Practice, and
  • Quality of Work.

The firm hopes that the following four (4) web-pages will be of assistance as you evaluate our credentials.  Please review the ratings that Mr. Kotkin has secured among his peers and in general on the “Character” and “Quality of Work” sub-pages. These ratings are your assurance that your representation will be excellent and ethical.