Trash Privatization in Fresno?

Fresno seems on the verge of creating a significant source of revenue to the City. I wonder if the City of San Bernardino and other struggling cities in southern California are watching? The city employees unions fought this initiative hard, and have promised to sue based upon the California Environmental Quality Act and the City Charter if privatization is approved. The City has promised all of the employees jobs for at least a year with the new franchise hauler if privatization is approved. 

Will the voters support keeping trash a city service to preserve public jobs/retirement and a few dollars per hour per employee? Another good question is whether the city negotiated hard enough with the private hauler poised to secure this franchise to get the best deal that the marketplace will offer the city’s residents and businesses. Cities will be exploring ways to get leaner and meaner. Stand by…

Link to Reuters Story re Fresno Trash Privatization