An Ounce of Prevention…

Warren Buffet says that “[r]isk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

The firm serves a variety of companies as general counsel. The best contrast to the broad range of our clients’ industries is one of their common interests: minimizing risk and limiting exposure.

Platitudes don’t work and one size does NOT fit all. A competent attorney gets to know his/her client and becomes a counselor and a contract member of that company’s management team. As such, a good lawyer understands his/her client’s needs, goals and tolerance for risk.

One of the signature aspects of the firm’s service as general counsel is development and implementation of a customized and comprehensive program to enhance a client’s confidence in its operations. Company policies, form documents, and established procedures all contribute to a workplace and transactions less likely to necessitate legal services. While a proactive approach to risk requires an investment in legal services, the alternative reactive posture is far more expensive.

While trust equals evidence over time, even a new client of the firm will appreciate the difference between its services and those prevalent in today’s marketplace. Let twenty-one (21) years of experience with high-profile litigation and transactions inform your company’s decision-making and help you minimize risk. Call today for a free consultation. Buy an ounce of prevention and discover its astounding value in contrast to the enormous cost of a “cure.”